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Zign Innovations is rethinking embedded product development using rapid prototyping and close collaboration between all involved disciplines. This enables us to closely partner with our customers during the complete life cycle of a product, from initial ideation to mass production.

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What drives us

We love to make new products come to life. We are driven by our own eagerness to explore, create and learn. Every day we strive to stretch ourselves just outside our comfort zone to achieve that. To challenge the status quo and to work, help and improve together.

With our development capabilities, we help our customers to be competitive with new products. We deliver technological creativity, and we navigate through the exciting process of product development.

We always want to cooperate, also under pressure. We work together with our customers and with our partners. Because we know that only through cooperation, great products become reality.

Our ambition


We want to build long term partnerships with our customers and be the go to partner for development, engineering and manufacturing of electronic products.

We want customers to know they can depend on us to guide them through their entire product development process. From draft to prototype to mass production. It’s a huge advantage for them that they don’t have to go to different companies for various phases of the process.

How we work

Our development process is structured in five phases. Each of these phases realize clear deliverables consecutively converging to the project result. The goal of our process is to maximize risk reduction early in the process whilst keeping investment relatively low. As the development risk reduces throughout the process, the investment risk reduces with it. Therefore, major investments are pushed towards the end of the process as much as possible.

Within the phases, we work scrum based in a three-week heartbeat.


Our expertise

It is our core competence to help our customers along the exciting road of developing electronic products, from idea to mass manufacturing. We are highly experienced in the development process and within the field of product development, we specialize in embedded electronics. On a technical level, our main expertise is:
  • Embedded systems design
  • Internet of things (IoT) devices & Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Industrial design
  • Consumer products design
  • Class 2 medical devices
  • Electronics hardware design
    • Intrinsic safety
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    • RF design techniques (RED)
    • Low power / battery powered applications
    • 3D form factor integration
  • Sensors
    • Vision (camera’s, IR)
    • Sound / ultrasound (microphones, speakers)
    • Motion (IMU’s)
  • Actuators
  • Communication (RF, Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi, LTE, NB-IoT)
  • Localization techniques (BT, RF)
  • User interfaces (displays, touch screens, tactile, etc)
  • Embedded software development (C, Linux based, RTOS, multi-core)
  • Back-end integrations (Cloud)
  • Rapid prototyping and proof of concepts
  • Industrialization and manufacturing
  • Testing & Certification (CE, FCC, UL)
  • Project management

How it all started​

Founders Nico and Erik both made careers in a corporate environment. This taught them a lot about how to run a business on a large scale. They enjoyed their work but missed the sense of creating something meaningful, something tangible. In 2015 they took the great leap and followed their dream to create products and their own business: Zign Innovations was founded.

Currently we consist of a team of 20+ who all share the same passion: bringing great ideas to market. Our engineers are active in the fields of electronics, embedded software and project management.

What our people say about their job​


Colleagues motivate and help each other

Zign Innovations is a fresh and small company in which colleagues motivate and help each other. The flat organizational structure means that everyone is approachable and open to each other. That sometimes makes it a bit unclear who you should contact with your question, but in the end we will find the answer together!

Because we develop for different sectors and different products, a project always comes with a new technical challenge. This makes working at Zign challenging and helps us to constantly come up with new solutions. Everyone within the team is driven to achieve the best result, using everyone's expertise. Zign Innovations is a motivating and inspiring place to work!

Embedded Software Engineer

There is a lot of variety in my work

Within sales & purchasing and quality control I work for Zign Manufacturing, the sister company of Zign Innovations. Despite the fact that I am an hour's drive from Nieuwegein, the ambitions of Zign Manufacturing immediately appealed to me. I am proud that due to the compact organization I have really made a significant contribution to the growth of the company. For example, we have implemented an ERP system and are now ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

What I like about my work at Zign is that there is a lot of variety in my work. Within Zign you are heard, your ideas and comments are taken seriously and there is attention for you as an employee, but also as a person. Above all, I really enjoy my work and with my colleagues!

Sales & Purchasing, Quality Control

Every project is a completely new challenge

Zign Innovations is a compact company with a flat organization where we have short lines of communication. The great thing about this is that a decision you make yourself or with the team can have a major impact on the company. New processes or improvements can be rolled out faster because of this.

Within Zign we work with two development teams. Knowledge-sharing sessions are regularly held between these teams. We free up time at fixed times of the year to spar both within and between these teams. But we don't just do this at team level. Realizing personal goals and charting a career path is also at the core of Zign. In this way we as a company always try to improve quality and increase our knowledge.

The nice thing about working at Zign is that we receive assignments from various customers from all kinds of sectors. This makes every project a completely new challenge in which you also have to delve into the world of the customer.

Project Manager

Drive to improve

After graduating from my master’s Embedded Systems in 2018, I started my career as Embedded Software Engineer at Zign innovations. What I like about us most is our drive to always improve and deliver high quality to our customers. We are not afraid of challenges and often work with cutting edge technology, pushing the limits of what’s possible. In software development we focus on good design and maintain our quality through reviews, white board sessions and continuous integration combined with hardware-in-the-loop testing. And in case you are stuck with a problem the team is always there to help you!

Embedded Software Engineer

Combining knowledge to complete challenging projects

I started working for Zign in 2018. A typical working day at Zign is best described as a steep learning curve with a broad pallet of subjects. One day you're designing an LTE (4G) connected personal safety device with electrochemical sensors, the next you're in Paris for EMC testing on a class 2A medical device. Most of the stuff we bring to the market is designed by us from the ground up: from initial scratches on a white-board, to extensively documented and tested prototypes, to FCT and EOL tested box-build products manufactured by our partners in Europe or Asia. Working at Zign is always teamwork. It’s about combining every last bit of knowledge to complete the challenging projects we face. I am happy to be part of such a team!

Embedded Hardware Engineer

A close-knit team of professionals

A close-knit team of professionals with a can-do attitude makes for an awesome work experience. As an embedded software engineer you can work on both hardware and software related issues and learn from our in-house specialists. We support our customers from idea to mass production, so there is always something new and exciting to learn as we work on a new product design cycle.

Embedded Software Engineer

No day is the same

No day is the same working at Zign Innovations. The informal atmosphere and our professional team make sure we deliver high-end products to our customers. Because we work with the newest techniques and due to the creativity of our employees we deliver great solutions for our customers. To be a part of that journey and the fact that I have day to day contact with national and international customers makes this job the perfect fit for me.

Sales Manager