Internet of Things

The term IoT, or the Internet of Things initially arose to describe all things connected to the internet. The term has now expanded to define all objects that simply “talk” to each other. This network of things is able to exchange data with producers, users and/or other connected devices. IoT offers the opportunity to gather data on a wider and grander scale. Consumers know it as a way to gain insight into their fitness and home appliances. Production companies use it to monitor their product lines and logistics to increase efficiency and reduce waste. IoT is everywhere. In 2019, the amount of actively connected devices has reached 9.5 billion, making the Internet of Things a full-fledged mature technology.

The age of ubiquitous computing

Following the age of mobile computing, the age of ubiquitous computing has begun. The age, also known as Pervasive Computing, is the growing trend of embedding computational capability into everyday objects. It enables “things” to communicate and perform tasks that minimize the end user’s need to interact with computers as computers. A great example is: you leave the house, the connected thermostat detects your leave and turns down the heating, while you walk towards your car, the key lets the car know to unlock the doors. It enables users to more efficiently walk through life and allows businesses to gather Big amounts of Data to more efficiently tweak their operations.

Making big data

The information gathered by these connected sensors is also known as Big Data. As sensors become cheaper and computational power grows, it’s becoming increasingly more interesting to gather many points of data. The use of Machine Learning and Neural Networks is more available due to more easily available Cloud Computing solutions. These techniques are well equipped to connect data points to one another and are able to spot trends. Unique insights emerge when these trends are interpreted and translated using smart algorithms. Insights that can be applied to new services, new applications or even new markets.

Internet of Things for your project

Most of our innovative project challenges include a requirement for connectivity. We have implemented many different solutions specific to their relative project requirements. Whatever the (specific) needs, Zign Innovations’ team of engineers can meet them. Zign Innovations offers spectrum wide solutions. We house a wide variety of expertise and like to be challenged.


At Zign Innovations we have worked with all variety of solutions to develop for the Internet of Things such as Wifi, GSM, Bluetooth, BLE, NB-IOT RF, NRF and Zigbee. Zign Innovations uses in house communication protocols to ensure safe and robust data transmission using for example Protobuf. We can build a Graphical User Interface to ensure you can interpret your data visually or analyze the data using Machine Learning techniques. We can help you to ensure your data is safely stored in a cloud solution and prioritize security to protect your data.

We can ensure your project uses the correct IoT solution for you and if this requires creative alternatives, we will make sure your project gets certified according to standards so it can be made ready for mass production

Higo: View our project cases for examples of IoT-solutions.

Talking about the future

Want to integrate the Internet of Things in your project? Do you want an expert opinion on a redesign or do you want to talk to us about anything else involving IoT.

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