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Zign Medical


The challenge

Higo is a product of Horizen, a well-funded start-up in the e-Health domain. Higo is a handheld device which makes diagnosis possible without the user (patient) and doctor seeing each other physically. The user can perform various measurements at home with the Higo device. For example, Higo has a thermometer, a digital stethoscope, an otoscope to take images of the eardrum and a camera to take images of the throat. The data of the measurements is sent encrypted to a certified doctor. Based on the data, the doctor can make an initial diagnosis and determine the next steps. With Higo, the pressure on healthcare can be reduced and healthcare costs can be saved. In countries where doctors are less accessible, Higo brings care closer.

This project was quite a challenge in several areas. For example, the product, a medical class 2A product, had to be certified within a year of its start. In addition, it was a technical challenge to efficiently communicate the different data streams to the back end, without negatively affecting the user experience and with algorithms running on the device. Finally, it was a major challenge to make a cost-effective product. For example: a comparable digital otoscope costs 4000 euros. Higo has this and 8 additional functionalities for a fraction of the cost.

What we did

Zign Innovations has taken full responsibility of the development of the device. Zign was the main contractor in this project and we involved our partner Studio Mango in the project for industrial design, mechanical engineering and UX design. Together with the product owner on the customer's side we tackled the project as one team.

We divided the project in 3 phases:

1. Proof of concept and prototyping phase.
In this phase we developed the various functions independently. The aim was to demonstrate as quickly as possible that the way we wanted to implement the functions was valid. We were then able to validate these functions medically in the field. We also made a start with concept design of the end product and the UX design.

2. Design and Engineering phase.
In this phase we have integrated the various functions into one product. We made the detailed design based on what we learned in the previous phase. We further developed and tested the industrial design. In addition, the various PCBAs have been designed and we have set up and implemented the full firmware structure architecture. The phase was concluded with a fully-fledged and functional prototype.

3. Industrialisatie phase
The final phase was preparing the product for mass production. All designs are finalized and optimized for production. The production lines are then set up and the various test stations are realized in such a way that only properly functioning products leave the factory. After this last phase, the product is ready for commercial roll-out.

The result

A digital doctor that fits in the palm of a hand and brings together 9 different measurements in one affordable solution suitable for home use. The 9 measurements that can be performed by means of 5 interchangeable modules are:

  1. Throat examination
  2. Skin examination
  3. Examination of the ear canal and eardrum
  4. Heart auscultation
  5. Heart rate calculation
  6. Auscultation of lungs
  7. Auscultation of the abdomen
  8. Cough and breath registration
  9. Temperature measurement

The product is certified and is mass-produced by our sister company Triple Dutch Contract Manufacturing. For Horizen this means that they only have to send in an order to receive Higo completely packed and ready for distribution in their warehouse.