Do you want to boost your products by making them 'smart'? Do you want to know what the possibilities are with electronics? And what is needed to get into smart products?

Many companies are facing fundamental choices to invest in a line of intelligent products. But how to do that, when you have insufficient knowledge of electronics and software?

We can help.


We are happy to share our knowledge and help you explore the possibilities.

  • We draft scenario's and concepts
  • We research the options for execution
  • We present options and choices
  • We mitigate risks early in the development process

The result is a realistic concept for your specific situation.

We will show you the many possibilities for your challenge. You are in control and we help you navigate the options.

You get

  • Creative concepts
  • Clear choices
  • Insight in feasibility and manufacturability

Our services

Requirements engineering, Feasibility study and Research.

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Are you working on a technically innovative solution, and do you encounter some tricky challenges? Are you looking for the optimal design combination of electronics and embedded software? And are you wondering how to get to a cost-efficient prototype?

We understand you have these questions. The process from idea to working prototype is very challenging. More so when you are working with advanced technology.

We can help.


Your challenge is the heart beat of our company. We will find a solution for your challenges!

  • We research the best solutions for your product
  • We develop the electronics and embedded software design
  • We realize working prototypes
  • We present options to mitigate risk early in the development process

The result is a cost efficient prototype.

We will research the possible solutions and support you in making your choices. We keep a keen eye on risk and cost and prevent ugly surpirses.

You get

  • Working prototype
  • Predictable cost
  • Managed quality

Our services

Concept development, Electronics hardware design, Embedded software development, Prototyping, (PC) Applications and Housing.

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When you want to take the leap from prototype to mass production, the environment becomes a lot more complex. How do you choose the right supplier? And how do you manage the factory? How do you get the necessary certification? How do you keep costs under control and how do you ensure quality?

There are many parties involved in this phase and all have to be aligned for a good result.

We can help.


We know this process like no other and can protect your investment against costly mistakes. We know what it takes to turn a working prototype into a product suitable for mass production.

  • We coordinate the optimal design and housing with designers, engineers and factory.
  • We develop the test tooling
  • We organize testing and certification
  • We provide cost price optimization
  • We arrange production and assembly of the electronics
  • We can select the right partners

The result is a product ready and suitable for mass production.

We safely guide your investment through this phase of industrialization. We advise and guide to a successful 0-series.

You get

  • A professional product
  • Strong and trustable partners
  • Predictable cost
  • Managed quality

Our services

Design for Manufacturing/Testing, Pilot series, Test tooling, Certification (CE/FCC/etc)

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Is your 0-series a success and are you ready to scale up? Or do you already produce tens of thousands of piecesand are you looking for optimization?

To achieve a succesful and optimal process in mass production, a lot of guidance and optimization is needed. It is never 'finished'. Are you looking for a troubleshooter to improve your production?

We can help.


As a partner in the mass production of electronics, we have a keen eye for opportunities for cost price optimization, increased production volumes or an optimized product quality. We know the secrets of the supply chain and share this with you.

  • We offer trusted partners for small and large volumes in Europe and Asia
  • We offer production guidance
  • We support in quality management
  • We provide support for all parties involved
  • We optimize in the context of life-cycle management

    The result is a professional product which allows you to scale up.

    We support by guiding your investment safely through production and we offer opportunities for optimization. We advise, you decide.

    You get

    • Controlled mass production
    • Optimal price / quality
    • Trusted partners
    • Guarded quality

      Our services

      Troubleshooting, production guidance and support, cost price optimization, Life-cycle management.

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