We combine our skills for successful product development with deep technological knowledge of electronics. Some of the most relevant topics of this moment are:


We have extensive experience with the development of smart algorithms. For several customers we have build applications using digital camera’s and applying pattern recognition software. Furthermore we have realised tracking and motion capture solutions in different scales.

CE/FCC/UL certification

We ensure the design all the appropriate product certifications, such as CE, FCC and UL or any other relevant certification. We have relevant in-house experience and we take certification into account from the start of the design process. For final certification we normally work together with specialised testing companies. We have develop several medical products and we know what it takes to develop a medical product.

Wireless/ RF

We have extensive experience with RF (radio Frequency) applications. Not only for data transmission, but also for the purpose of localisation. Besides the use of standard RF chips (WiFi, BT, etc) we have experience with designing and building our own custom radio transceivers. We can realise this in hardware, but we also have the capabilities to use the new technology of Software Defined Radio (SDR). With this new technology, we can realise a custom radio transceiver in software, based on standard hardware. SDR significantly increases flexibility and agility in development and in serviceability.

Internet of Things

In many of our assignments our task is to make existing products ‘smart’ by adding sensors and connectivity. Depending on the desired product application, we can use the most suitable standards like WiFi, GSM/GPRS and Bluetooth. Also standards like LoRa, SigFox, ZigBee and Z-wave, or combinations of technologies we can apply.

Embedded systems

Most of our work consists of making embedded systems where we use microcontrollers and custom build embedded software. With the controller we can control the different elements of the system like sensors, communication chips, memory, et cetera. We mostly work low level with ARM controllers, but we can also use other types of controllers. We commonly implement communication with I2C, SPI or UART.