We are passionate about electronics and product development. With our expertise and experience we can deal with every challenge in electronics development. We love to create the best solutions for complex problems! And we usually take our creativity a step further then others would. But always with a keen eye for realistic results at optimized cost.

Concept development

Do you want to boost your products by making them 'smart'? Do you want to know what the possibilities are with electronics? And what is needed to get into smart products?

Many companies are facing fundamental choices to invest in a line of intelligent products. But how to do that, when you have insufficient knowledge of electronics and software?

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Hardware & Software Engineering

Are you working on a technically innovative solution, and do you encounter some tricky challenges? Are you looking for the optimal design combination of electronics and embedded software? And are you wondering how to get to a cost-efficient prototype?

We understand you have these questions. The process from idea to working prototype is very challenging. More so when you are working with advanced technology.

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Product industrialization

A design is not a good design if it cannot be manufactured. Choices about manufacturing are an important cost driver for your final product. To make your product as successful as possible, manufacturing requires special focus, which we cover with industrialization

Industrialisation involves all activities that are needed to transfer a product design to manufacturing. At Zign Innovations we take care of this by:

  • early manufacturing involvement throughout the design process (DfM, DfT, DfA)
  • in-house development of test equipment like functional testers (FCT)
  • arranging the required tooling (i.e. moulds for product enclosures and fixtures used in manufacturing)
  • production line setup at one of our proven and trusted manufacturing facilities in Europe or Asia
  • production of a pilot run for final verification & validation
  • dedicated support by our experts in product compliance testing and certification

Product development and successful transfer to manufacturing and is all about collaboration. Throughout the years we have build partnerships with a selective number of suppliers, who are not only capable in their field of expertise, but also have shown the ability to work successfully together on the most challenging projects.

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Lifecycle management

In our approach, lifecycle management is the continuing process to ensure that your product keeps meeting your market’s requirements. Over the lifetime of a product, there are multiple factors which can influence the product and your ability to bring the product to market. Especially supply related issues can severely impact your business, for example when components are out of stock, or end of life, or when lead times are changing rapidly.

With our lifecycle management service, we help you to identify impact on your product early on. Then, we will define the best course of action together with you. We will identify supply related issues pro-actively by checking all components in your product on a monthly basis. For this, we use our system with automated access to worldwide databases. When we identify potential issues, we will discuss these with you and propose a course of action. The result is a smooth and secure supply continuation of your product, throughout its lifetime.

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Test tooling development


To ensure product quality, an effective approach to product testing is key, both during development and production. In many cases, testing during development and production testing are considered separately.  

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