Concept development

Every great product starts as an idea. With the commitment of a company or an entrepreneur, the journey to bring an idea to reality starts. But how do you get from an idea to an actual product?The first step in this process is what we call concept development. The goal of this phase is to get answers to two questions: What does the product need to be and how could we realize that? And after answering these questions, you can assess whether your idea is viable and worth the investment to go ahead and develop it.

Our approach

When you do concept development with us, we will help you to further detail and clarify the requirements of your product. These are functional requirements, but also: what would be a cost price which will fit the business case? We will explore the technical possibilities together with you and create a clear understanding of all the pros and cons. If there are technical challenges, we can build proofs of concept to support the decision making on technical implementation level. We can use quick prototyping to test specific solutions or implementations and you can use these quick prototypes for first market confrontation. Everything in this activity is focused on risk reduction at the lowest cost.

The results

The result of concept development is a specific and viable concept. The requirements are clear, which allows engineers to make the right choices during design. And the concept is viable, both technically and commercially.

What else can you expect

What else can you expect, besides our technical expertise? You can expect from us to work with you as a partner. Which means we will be honest with you throughout the process. We are committed to preventing wishful thinking and unrealistic projects. Because if we move on to development and you commit to the investment, we want to be successful with you.

Do you have an idea?

Do you have a great product idea but are you unsure how to proceed? Call us and let us discuss how we can help.