Electronics engineering 

Electronics engineering is about designing custom electronics. We design PCBA’s (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies) from scratch, based on the desired functions and form factor of the product. We are specialized in micro electronics and we can build any system around micro controllers. Most of our products consist of sensors and/or actuators, RF communications (WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, etc), user interfaces (touchscreens, buttons, switches, led’s, etc) and power supply. We have implemented a wide range of sensors, like camera’s, microphones, motion sensors, air sensors and light sensors. Based on the functions and requirements of the desired product, we will find the best sensors and realize the implementation.
Important factors in electronics engineering are the interaction with mechanical constructions around the electronics, considering the certification requirements (CE and other) of the product and the manufacturability of the product. Our electronics engineers are highly experienced in the design process and are used to taking these factors into account in every design step. We work with advanced design software, in which we have build our own design templates and processes. These include extensive design rules validations and design reviews. Our software also allows us to work in real-time with mechanical designers in their own 3D CAD software. This is an important factor to ensure a perfect construction of the final product, where mechanics and electronics work perfectly together.

We will build prototypes of the design early on which allows us to test and verify the design thoroughly. The final design will be realized in a final prototype which will have all the functionalities and can be assembled with prototype mechanical parts to a fully functional prototype of the product. When the design is finished, our engineers can handle the handover to manufacturing, to ensure quality of manufacturing output. Depending on the type and production volume of the product, it can be needed to build test tooling to perform functional tests on every PCBA produced.

Do you want to know more about how we build custom electronics? Check out some of our blogs or call us to discuss the possibilities.